Synchronize GIS Assets

No more exporting and importing. Automated synchronization makes keeping your GIS up-to-date easy.

GIS-based Asset Registry

Leverage your investment in GIS. Your GIS becomes your asset registry.

ArcGIS Integration

Full integration with ArcGIS Online and Enterprise. Single sign-on, shared maps and more.

Esri partner

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AtlasOMS Advantage

We have partnered with ESRI, the leader in Geographic Information Systems. Our integrated mapping platform and seamless integrated with ESRI GIS brings mapping to your work activities.

Integrated Mapping

Connect your organizations ESRI GIS or use the mapping that comes with AtlasOMS.

GIS Synchronization

Seamlessly synchronize your asset data with your GIS. No more copies of data.

Custom Maps

Update the maps in AtlasOMS to meet your needs. Create different maps for different teams and types of work.

GeoSpatial Zones

Set up geographic assignment zones. As work is created within these zones, it will be assigned and tagged accordingly.

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