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Lightning Fast Implementation

Using our cloud-based solution get going with your first work order created in less than 60 seconds.

One Easy-To-Use tool

Plan, assign and monitor field work, collect field data, and track multiple teams using one tool.

Built For Any Size Organization

Simple enough for your entire team. Powerful enough for any organization.

A complete mapping based work and asset management solution

Manage asset lifecycles, streamline maintenance operations, maximize supply chain performance, enhance safety, and improve regulatory compliance.

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AtlasOMS Advantage

Organizations turn to AtlasOMS when they want to improve the way they manage, track and report on work that has a geographic component. Whether you are using an outdated legacy system or moving away from a paper-based workflow, AtlasOMS has you covered.

Comprehensive Platform

Plan, assign and monitor field work, collect field data, and track multiple teams using one tool. Designed to be used in the office or in the field because operations and work management are not limited to the office.

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Cloud Based

AtlasOMS is a modern cloud based Software-as-a-Service offering. You pay for what you need, without having to buy expensive IT hardware.

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Integrated Mapping

We have partnered with ESRI, the leader in Geographic Information Systems. Our integrated mapping platform and seamless integrated with ESRI GIS brings mapping to your work activities.

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Easily Connected

Leverage your existing investments with an open integration platform. Seamless integration with ESRI GIS and an open API that opens AtlasOMS to other enterprise systems.

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Only pay for what you use. Upgrade anytime.

AtlasOMS comes in multiple pricing plans. Our Work Management or Enteprise Management plan allow you to choose the right plan for your organization.

Work Assignment and Completion
Work Management

Track who is requesting work and how its getting completed.
  • Request Management
  • Work Management
  • Asset Management
  • Resource Management
Full Enterprise Operations Management
Enterprise Management

Manage requests, work, assests, resources and more.
  • Request Management
  • Work Management
  • Asset Management
  • Resource Management
Do the plans cover multiple users?

Yes, AtlasOMS plans are one price, all inclusive. No matter how many users you have, one price is all you will pay.

Do you offer implementation, training or consulting services?

Yes, we offer both custom and turn-key implemenation services. Contact us today to learn more.

I dont have acess to a GIS. Can I stil use AtlasOMS?

Yes, AtlasOMS works perfectly with ESRI's ArcGIS online offering, but it is not required. If you do not have the ESRI software, AtlasOMS will provide the mapping functionality across the platform.

Does it work with other systems?

Yes, AtlasOMS makes available a standards based Application Programming Interface (API) that allows you to seamlessly integrate AtlasOMS with other Enterprise Systems.

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